Icebarcelona has become an absolute must see of the Catalan capital ever since it opened in November of 2007. Frequented by tourists as often as is it by locals, the Ice Bar is a perfect place to enjoy a unique and charming experience.

Our bar is the first ice bar in the world to be located right on the beach! This exceptional locale consists of an ice lounge, complete with elaborate ice sculptures and a terrace, perfect for an al fresco cocktail in front of the Mediterranean Sea. The ice lounge always maintains a temperature of -5ºC (20ºF), and has been designed by internationally renowned artists. The theme inside changes at least twice a year, to ensure your experience is entirely different every time you visit!

The average visit lasts 45 minutes and includes a jacket, gloves and a cocktail, which comes served in a glass, sculpted from ice, of course. Once you’re shivering (with fun) you can warm up and relax on the terrace.

Come and enjoy a truly special experience, suitable for all ages!