Savannah Barcelona
26 July, 2019




In case the thermal sensation bordering 35 degrees are not enough for you to dare, we give you some other reasons to make a stop at Icebarcelona this summer. For sure you won´t regret it

The ice bar. The first reason is more tan obvious: come to cool down! Here you´ll have the coolest summer, even cooler tan inside the new metro line to the Airport. Remember, when the weather is scorching, Icebarcelona gets busy, and despite the temperature rises with the people, the minus 5ºC (around 25º F) gets into a Premium airco.

The 80 's. Every year we have a new theme. This 2019, our ice sculptures are inspired by video games, movies, cassettes and other stuff from the 80´s decade. The theme was very celebrated among Millenials, but specially by the nostalgic Generation X, that knows very well who were the Ghostbusters, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, ET and Freddy Krueger

Music. The theme would not be complete without music from the 80s. Follow our collaborative Spotify list and you can become our virtual ice lounge DJ. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Pet Shop Boys, Prince, Depeche Mode ... Is your favorite missing? Do not hesitate to add it!

Parties. We have the most original bar for your celebration. And as well as the ice bar, we have a great terrace steps away from the sand of the beach. If you have something to celebrate, do it at Icebarcelona! Bachelorette and bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries, party packs for friends, shishas, ​​booze, fruits and lots of surprises.

The beach! Whatever is said about the countryside and the mountains, the beach is the best place to spend the summer. And we have it right in front. Are you in this summer in Barcelona? Come to celebrate it drinking a sangria with us. Let´s go to the beach!


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