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20 May, 2019


Cóctel bar de hielo

Ordering a mojito inside the Ice Bar? Impossible, buddies. We are at 5 below zero. Can you imagine the waiter crushing pieces of lime with both frozen mint and sugar wearing gloves? And do not forget the glasses are made of ice, twice as hard. Therefore, forget about caipirinhas or cucumber flavored gin tonics, and open your mind to a list of exclusive cocktails from a unique place. Here the cocktails guide to survive thirst at 10 degrees below zero:


ET on the beach: ET, the famous alien from Steven Spielbergs´movie, besides being our star sculpture, gives name to our best-selling cocktail. Stolichnaya vodka, strawberry liqueur and peach juice. In an ice glass, of course.
Pineapple Moonlighting: A Caribbean drink served at 5 degrees below zero? Crazy, but delicious! Be sure to try this winter version of piña colada, one the most popular ice cocktails. With Vodka, passion fruit syrup and pineapple juice.
Juicy Dancing: So simple as tasty. With rhum, strawberry liqueur and orange juice. A curious version of daiquiri with a citrus touch. Just one sip and you will be heading down straight to the dancefloor.
Top Rum: Rum is trendy. And despite it is characteristic of warm places, this cocktails also taste delicious at the ice lounge. Go ahead and try this nectar specially designed for sweet and colorfur drink lovers.

If you prefer a classic cocktail, our proffessional bar tenders can prepare it at our bar terrace out of the ice lounge*

In addition to these cocktails, we have Heineken beer and juices (pineapple, peach and orange) to prepare your mocktail, in case that night you need to drive back home.

Whatever you drink, we wish you a fantastic experience! Do not forget to share your fun photos on your social media.

*Entry tickets only includes one cocktail inside the ice bar

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