An intimate ice lounge decorated with sculptures entirely carved by hand by renowned international sculptors, where you can have a drink at temperatures that Barcelona is not used to.
The room is completely covered with walls and ice furniture, adorned with amazing sculptures that recreate interesting themes.


How does it work?

Upon arrival at the bar, our team will provide you warm clothes (jacket and gloves) to make your visit comfortable. After this you will enter the ice lounge, where you will have a drink included with your previously purchased ticket. We do recommend to get your booking online. It is actually cheaper and makes much easier our work.
Unless the staff say the opposite, you can stay in the room as long as you wish, however you should know that after about 45 minutes, the cold is already beginning to be noticed.

Every year the theme of the sculptures is renewed, so that each time you visit Icebarcelona you will do it with the same enthusiasm and will have something original to see, as if you were visiting a small ice museum. This year Icebarcelona returns to the 80s.

What can I order at the ice bar?

Given the limitations caused by the low temperature of the room, we have a suggested cocktail menu.
Think that at these temperatures, the ingredients for the cocktails get frozen and soft drinks explode. For this reason we have created a menu very inspired by the current theme of the bar and we hope you like it.