Cóctel bar de hielo
1 February, 2019
24 May, 2019


chicas en ice bar

Is it real ice? Where do the blocks come from? Who makes the sculptures? In these brief paragraphs we summary questions we had been asked all over these years. If you have a few minutes, have a quick read and you will become an ice bar expert 
Icebarcelona was opened in 2007 promoted by Dutch entrepreneurs, who had visited Ice Bar Amsterdam and moved the concept beside the Mediterranean, where the temperature difference in summer, between outside and inside the ice lounge can reach 40°C (around 100°F). Next November November, Icebar wiill celebrate its 12th birthday. While the concept remains the same, some other things have changed over the years.

The ice needed to build the whole Ice Bar is about 25 tons. The blocks are transported in a refrigerated truck from Belgium, more than 200 bars of 100x50x20cm. This is the only material used to decorate the bar; genuine ice. The complete remodeling of the ice bar is made once a year, and the process lasts 4 days divided into 4 stages:

  • destruction and removal of the old ice (½ day) 
  • download of new ice ( ½ day) 
  • assembly and installation of walls ( 1 ½ day ) 
  • carving sculptures ( 1 ½ day ) .

The artists responsible for the total refurbishment on this last occasion were the Canadian sculptor Marc Lepire and his fellow countryman Jean Francois Gauthier. Lepire took several Quebec -Barcelona flights during this last years, and also has worked in many other projects around the world, making sculptures of both ice and sand. Gauthier has recently joined the team. The remodeling of the ice bar is mainly for aesthetic reasons. The sculptures loose definition along the summer. Is not hard to imagine that every time the door of the bar is opened, a puff of 30 ° C air enters the fridge, which produces an unavoidable erosion on the decorative material. By the way, Icebarcelona is a sort of museum, wich exposes a different theme with every renewal. The idea is to put out the concept that the ice bar is a one-visit place. For the 2018/19 season we have created the original theme: Icebarcelona goes back to the 80´s. In addition to the sculptures from that decade you can enjoy that great pop music from those years.

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