Who's that Girl? She´s a maniac on the floor! If you are out the millenial category, perhaps these verses sound familiar to you. But why did they come to our mind? Our magnificenc scultpors took a ride in an imaginary De Lorean DMC-12 and went back to the 80´s decade to inspire their new creations.

The theme of the ice bar this season is inspired by the culture of those years, video games, movies, and of course ... music. So put on your leg warmers, your fluo T-shirt and come taking Michael Jackson Moonwalking steps to live (or relive) this curious decade. Let´s dance!


Do you want to DJ at the ice bar? We are sharing this collaborative playlist so you can add your favorite 80´s tunes from your Spotify account. They will soon rock the ice lounge dancefloor. Simply log in, follow the playlist and transform yourself into our virtual DJ by adding all the songs you want.